Think Detroit provides affordable space, tools, and programs to creatives and social entrepreneurs who wish to have a deeper impact in Detroit.

While many Detroiters run viable businesses they often don’t have access to the resources they need to be successful. In Detroit neighborhoods, approximately 78% of the population lives at or below the poverty line and 28% are youths below the age of 20. We're helping set up future generations to be successful entrepreneurs by offering co-working space, curriculum, and tools at an affordable price.

Also many Detroit residents are not able to access quality education, job training and entrepreneurial opportunities that could help them find jobs and/or start their own businesses. Increasing this type of access for Detroit’s adult population not only helps boost the local economy and decrease poverty but also helps bring stability and support into the lives of the children those adults are caring for.


“Detroit is large  enough to matter to the world, yet small enough that you can still matter within it.”




Co-woking space

Often times the difference between success and failure can depend on your access to simple things like a work space, printer or Wifi. By offering to these at a minimal cost entrepreneurial success  will be more broadly  attainable.

INcubator Programs

Many Detroit residents are not able to access quality education, job training, and entrepreneurial opportunities. By teaming with Flint, MI based 100k Ideas, we can offer the training needed to bring ideas to market.


By bringing social entrepreneurs, creatives, and community leaders together in the geographic heart of Detroit, we can create a snowball effect where one's success compounds upon another's.