Jibran's Story



“When you pursue a lot of things that are outside of the community you grow up in, you end up interacting with all kinds of people.” Jibran, a Pakistani American and Muslim-raised man, grew up in a conservative coterie. However, he did not succumb to the pressures of following an “honorable” career such as engineering or medicine. He branched out and explored different interests such as acting and performing. By allowing himself to step outside the bubble of his family and culture, he was able to interact with all kinds of people and experience varying talent and ideas. This ignited his love for authenticity.

Jibran is all about experiencing the world and everything in it- the highs, the lows, the good, the ugly, life at its fullest. He’s been a successful student, he’s been a graduate a drop out. He’s been a full time employee at a large company, and he’s struggled with unemployment. This all stemmed from his love to experience the world in its entirety and his love to allow others to experience it as well. Only by doing so do you really discover yourself and your latent talent and potential. When he was a college student, he started organizations that would allow other students with all kinds of backgrounds to network and find their niche. When he was an employee, he started a mentorship program for middle school kids to meet entrepreneurs and be inspired. And now he’s founded an organization that provides the tools and resources for anybody with an idea and a passion to succeed and experience the world. Think Detroit is just another way for Jibran to inspire and encourage authenticity. He refuses to give in to societal pressures and only pursue paths validated by everyone’s approval. Think Detroit is simply a means to helping others live out their ideas and grow their talents.

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