Kyler's Story


Operations Director

“You don’t have to be on the same path that everybody else is on and you can still make something of yourself.” Kyler adamantly believes that everyone has something they’re meant to excel in. Everyone has a special skill, a special vision, a special ability that distinguishes them as individuals and makes them unique. He was once a student who didn’t have the best academic record. Teachers always insisted that he wasn’t living up to his potential. No one took the time though, to understand why a smart kid wasn’t performing to par. Thankfully, one teacher was able to see Kyler for more than his grades and came to discover the unique abilities that Kyler had in working with audio systems. This teacher then introduced Kyler to robotics and watched him shine on the team. Now that Kyler found something he enjoyed, that in turn brought him motivation to work harder and surpass the expectations that people had for him.

That incident taught Kyler the importance of taking the time to discover what you like and honing your skills to succeed in that niche. Not everyone is meant to excel in mathematics, science, or language. Some people find that their idiosyncratic skills and talent lie in other things. Just like that teacher, Kyler now is a mentor in that program and helps other kids who may feel lost or out of place find their niche. Another way that Kyler encourages individuality is through Think Detroit. Think Detroit to Kyler is another means to help people further advance their skills through a nontraditional route.  Kyler wants to give people a safe place to work, to learn, and to succeed, and Think Detroit is that place.

Jibran AhmedComment