Scott's Story


Community Director

Scott grew up in a family where financial stability was not always a luxury he was afforded. His mom was a stay at home parent and his dad worked in auto repair and commission was his only source of income. Instead of falling into the typical behaviors that other children fall into when living in these poverty ridden surroundings, Scott believed there was a way out. He was a first generation college student in his family. Knowing that he wanted to leave an impact and help others, he decided to pursue the nonprofit lifestyle. However, after working for at a nonprofit for six years focusing in the volunteer management sect of the organization, redundantly carrying out the same tasks day in and day out, Scott needed change. We all go through our ebbs and flows in life whether it be in our career, in our relationships, or even in our own minds. Being a part of the community, connecting with others, and impacting lives has always been a passion of Scott’s. But after six years of his work flowing through to the people, the ebbs came and called for change. Feeling burned out is something most people are ashamed to admit and rarely are the needed steps towards change taken. Scott recognized that and didn’t want his feeling of falling short to affect the greater work he was doing for the people. He pursued a change of career, a change of pace, a change of lifestyle. This change for him meant entering the suit-filled world of corporate America.

Even after leaving the nonprofit world professionally, Scott still volunteered his time to helping others. That is how he came across Think Detroit. He now serves as a community liaison in charge of community outreach projects within Durfee and within the Detroit community overall. Scott never quite fit in with his family that were happy to settle. He never really identified with money hungry professionals absorbed in their own growth. His sense of belonging was founded in giving back and serving his community. That is what Think Detroit is to him. It’s a platform for him to bring forth social impact, a way for him to create a family of the people who have struggled just as he has, a family of entrepreneurs, a family of change.

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