Historic Durfee Elementary Middle School



Built in the early 20th century, this beautifully regal monolith spent more than a hundred years as a middle school servicing Boston Edison and surrounding communities in the heart of Detroit. In 2016, due to a lack of students and dwindling funding, the middle school was consolidated into the neighboring Central High, and Durfee was left unoccupied. Not long after, Life Remodeled, a non-profit organization, purchased the building from the city hoping to both preserve and convert it into a productive space to servicing the surrounding community. We at Think Detroit believe Durfee is the perfect place to carry out our mission of offering affordable services to local creatives and entrepreneurs.



Currently, Think Detroit is in startup mode. It’s an exciting time where we are testing and fine tuning our model. During this beta stage we are leasing one pilot room which has already been converted into a highly functional co-working space complete with WiFi, air conditioning, print/ copy/ scanner, coffee, lounge areas, and dedicated working space. In addition to our room, the building offers its own range of perks, including a brand new basketball court, outdoor track and field, auditorium, elevator, and several meeting rooms, which are available to tenants.